Byron Matto Portsmouth City Council


Progressive and Pragmatic

I've thought quite a bit about whether this is the right time, or even something I want to do. The reason why I feel compelled to serve in this way is simple; there is no time to wait. Our community, like thousands of other communities, need long-term fact-based solutions to complex existential problems.
The time of #justsayin’ politics is passed.
The policy goals our city works towards need to be clear, and how we get there needs to be tested and verified by data.
  • Climate Action
  • Housing For All
  • Education
  • Multi-Modal Transportation
  • Sustainable Economics
  • Informed and Active Citizenry
  • Smart Land Use and Planning
These issues are independent and interdependent. Understanding that multi-modal transportation, housing, and smart land use are critical to climate action is what I am about. Our city should be a model on how to take an influx of people/interest and turn that energy into zero-emission and economically sustainable growth.
I look forward to hearing from my neighbors on their concerns, and their ideas on how to move our city forward into the 21st century.


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